Anniversary Celebration at the MAH

from SC Sentenial 1916

Third Saturday,

Ham Radio in Santa Cruz Centennial Show

At a meeting 100 years ago in 1916, at the corner of Church Street and
Chestnut Street in Santa Cruz, a Ham Radio Club was formed by amateur
wireless pioneers of our county.  This year, licensed amateur radio
operators are still at it.  Their avocation continues to advance the radio
art and serve the whole community.


Ham Radio in Santa Cruz Centennial Show
Saturday, September 17, 11AM-3:30PM, FREE Admission

Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, MAH
705 Front Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


Amateur Radio: 100 Years of Discovery

Back in 2000 our own beloved Jim Maxwell, W6CF (now a Silent Key) had an excellent article in QST, “Amateur Radio: 100 Years of Discovery.”   In the article Jim thoughtfully ticked off the decades and wisely concluded, “We have survived the technological challenges of the past by understanding new technologies and embracing those portions that would lead Amateur Radio forward. We have survived change and overcome adversity by working together.

When Amateur Radio began there was only one way for a ham to get started: learn Morse code, build a receiver and a spark transmitter, string up an antenna, and start tapping on the key.
Today we have a multifaceted Amateur Radio. We’re on CW and phone; SSB and FM; packet and TV; PACTOR, PSK31 and RTTY, as well as other modes, bouncing signals off the ground, off the ionosphere, and off the moon, enthusiastically working bands from almost dc to daylight. We have
ragchewers and contesters, public service communicators and experimenters, QRPers and more. Hams are active in nearly every country of the world, and at ages ranging from less than 10 years to more than 100.
Can any group with common interests be quite so diverse? In spite of that diversity, and in spite of the fact that the Amateur Radio service encompasses a very large number of special interests, it’s important to understand that we all have one common, overriding interest: to ensure that Amateur Radio not only survives, but flourishes in the century ahead. With the support of all hams everywhere our future prosperity is assured.”


73, Cap KE6AFE


SCCARC Club Meeting
Next regular club meeting will be the Third Friday evening October 21 at 7:30pm.
The meeting is held at Santa Cruz Red Cross building.^

2960  Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062.
Talk-in on K6BJ repeater, 146.790- PL94.8.

2016 S.C.C.A.R.C.

Officers and Board

President: Cap Pennell, KE6AFE
Vice president: Don Anastasia, AA6W
Secretary: David Copp, WS2I
Treasurer: Jake Bernstein, W6JJJ
Board members:
Linda Bittner, K6GRL
Bruce Hawkins, AC6DN
Dave Steinbruner, WB6DWP
Gary Watson, K6PDL
Past President, Suellene Petersen, K6CPA