April 2016 Short Skip

CAKE April 2

CAKE session on April 2 Gary K6PDL mentioned the recent presentation at the Club meeting was on the Amateur  Radio Emergency Digital Network. This is a wide area mesh network using low cost 2 and 5 GHz equipment.  It is something ...
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Antenna Trials at HP

Antenna trials at HP In 1951 HP had four open positions in their UHF antenna design group to design antennas  "that would receive 82 TV channels more than any rational human could ever possibly need". I wonder if any of those ...
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I’m EXTRA Ignorant

I'm EXTRA Ignorant By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU On Sunday, I received the following e-mail from a reader: "Just wanted to let you know I passed the General exam using your study guide.  It was very helpful.  I am now generally ignorant whereas before ...
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The fame of Samuel F. B. Morse

The Fame of Samuel F. B. Morse I have just finished reading the novel The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. it is a fascinating mix of science fact, fiction and  mysticism. The painting  by Brumidi (1805-1880), in the dome of the ...
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Chatter April 2016

Chatter April 2016 Our March club meeting was both informative and entertaining.  Tom Ginsburg, K6TG, put on a great show for us, discussing the actions of our 911 Center here in Santa Cruz.  As Tom began his lecture, it came to ...
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Club Officials Tour Repeater Site

Tour of  Repeater Site President Cap KE6AFE and Vice President during their recent tour of the K6BJ repeater site. Club President, Cap KE6AFE explains the fine points of repeater operation. Club Vice President, Don AA6W listens intently as Cap explains the emergency operation ...
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Celebrating a Century of SCCARC

Celebrating a Century of Amateur Radio in Santa Cruz The following status report was presented to the Club Board on March 23. Actions Taken and in progress I am a member of a small group of club members that has been brainstorming ideas ...
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Jim Tripp’s Antique Radio Museum

Visit to Jim Tripp's Antique Radio Museum, April 3  2016 Jim WA6DIJ has a dream QTH in the Castroville countryside and he made us feel very welcome. Those taking part in this delightful visit were Linda  K6GRL,  Don AA6W, Rene K6XR ...
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CAKE 4/9/16

CAKE Notes for April 9 2016 We met at our normal "summer home The Abbey" and were very pleased to welcome John N5HPB for the first time. Some of our regular crew were busy at the De Anza flea market and ...
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CAKE 3/12/16

CAKE Meeting March 12, 2016 It was a dreary morning and several other events competed for attendance, so my thanks go to Warren NR0V, Kerry K3RRY, Glen KG6T, Art AC6P, Peter K6UNO, Ward  AE6TY, and Fred KJ6OOV Our guest speaker, Steve Stearns, ...
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CAKE 3/26/16

CAKE Crumbs for March 26th 2016Our guest speaker on this Easter weekend was David Shoaf  KG6IRW who is a long-time friend and supporter of our CAKE activities. In attendance were Fred KJ6OOV, Peter K6UNO, Peter AB6WM, Frank K6BDK, Glen  KG0T ...
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Club Meeting & Speaker

The club meeting at the New County EOC has been postponed to a later date.

The April meeting will take place at the  Santa Cruz Red Cross. The meeting topic and speaker to be announced.

Next regular club meeting will be the third Friday evening, April 15, 7:30pm, at the SC Red Cross
Chapter Office
2960 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062.

Talk-in on K6BJ repeater, 146.790- PL94.8.