All Repeaters listed on this page are OPEN.  Welcome!

Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club (SCCARC) repeaters:

K6BJ   146.790- PL 94.8  Santa Cruz  (linked full-time w/Watsonville)

KI6EH  147.945- PL 94.8 Watsonville  (linked full-time w/Santa Cruz)

K6BJ  DSTAR  441.675 +5 MHz /DV Module B Digital Voice & Data


Monday 7:00 PM,  SCCARC 10 Meter HF Net,   28.308MHz USB

Monday 7:30 PM, SCCARC Club Net,  146.790-/147.945-/(147.180+ PL94.8 linked for net)

Tuesday 7:30PM,   Santa Cruz County-wide ARES Net   147.180+ PL94.8 (linked with 147.270+ PL94.8)

SCCARC Club Meetings, third Friday except December, 7:30 PM, Dominican Hospital, Santa Cruz, talk-in on K6BJ 146.790- pl94.8



Weekly Schedule of Nets and Meetings


W6WLS repeater,   147.180+ PL 94.8  Empire Grade above Ben Lomond

Santa Cruz County-wide ARES  Net  Tuesday 7:30 PM (linked)

AB6VS repeater,   440.550+ PL 94.8  Loma Prieta ARC

Combined LPARC and LP ARES Net, Tuesday 7:15PM   (linked to AE6KE 146.835- PL94.8 for net)

K6LY repeater,   146.970- PL 94.8 & 444.700+ PL123 (Linked)  Monterey

ECTAR & Monterey County ARES Net  Wednesday 7:30 PM

NPSARC Net  Wednesday 8:00 PM

WR6AOK repeater,   147.120+ PL 94.8  Ben Lomond

SLVARC   Net  Thursday 7:30 PM

N6SBC repeater,  147.315+ PL 94.8  City of Hollister, San Benito County

San Benito County ARES  Net  Thursday 7:30 PM

WR6ABD repeater,   146.640- PL162.2   Loma Prieta

LPRC Net  Tuesday 8:00 PM

AR Newsline (Ham News) weekly  Tuesday after LPRC Net

N6IJ  Monterey Bay Amateur Radio Association (MBARA) Net Thursday 8:00 PM

ARRL Audio News (Ham News) weekly  Thursday approx 8:30 PM (end of MBARA Net)

K6JE repeater,  145.470- PL 94.8  Fremont Peak

FPRA Net  Monday 8:00 PM

Salinas Valley ACS Net  Monday after FPRA Net

N6NAC repeater,   444.625+ PL110.9  Loma area

Silicon Valley Emergency Communication System (SVECS)  Net Tuesday 8 pm

AC6P repeater,   145.310- PL94.8 UCSC Upper Campus

W6TAR repeater, 145.430- PL 94.8  Mount Toro (Monterey County)

AE6KE repeater,   146.835- PL 94.8  Skyland (Summit Area)

K6RMW repeater,   147.000+ PL 94.8 Watsonville Hospital

W6JWS repeater,   146.745- PL 94.8  Empire Grade above Felton

W6OPI repeater,   146.910- PL94.8 Prunedale

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Updated: April 7, 2013