Month: November 2015

A New Heath Kit !

A New Heathkit! So, why am I not excited? By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU A couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail from Heathkit. Yes, the NEW Heathkit. you might remember that a couple of years ago, there was all

CAKE Oct 17

CAKE Oct 17 We were pleased to welcome Craig N6SBN for the first time and nine of our regular members attended. This was a good turnout given the conflict with Pacificon, it’s very tough to find open dates these days. Beginning

CAKE: Nov 7

CAKE Crumbs Nov. 7 Hello  friends and neighbors. It was very good to have Bob and David KG6IRW with us along with Phil W6PK from over the hill and Cap KE6AFE who pops in from time to time. More than

Chatter: Nov 2015

Last month our club was neck-deep in revising our by-laws. The by-laws, last revised a couple of decades ago, needed upgrading. A team did this after much research and thought. I recall, circa 1989, when we first put them together.