Month: December 2015

Christmas CAKE Ingredients

Christmas CAKE Ingredients If all present (Frank AG6QK, Peter K6UNO, Ward AE6TY, Kerry K3RRY, Glen KG0T, Eric KK6IZY, Ron W6WO) were dried fruit we would have made a very rich CAKE indeed. Our kitchen was a group of very comfortable

Dear SCCARC Members

Dear SCCARC Members, By now you have probably read Bruce, AC6DN’s announcement that we did not have enough members showing up to form a voting quorum. We could not legally hold an election. Thus, as those of us on the

Kids are Not the Future of Ham Radio

Kids are Not the Future of Ham Radio By Bob Witte, K0NR You’ve heard it a million times: our kids are the future. That statement gets applied to almost everything, including amateur radio. How can you argue with an obvious

SCCARC Brunch 2015

Holiday Brunch 2015 [Show slideshow] Sea Cliff Inn, Aptos. Photos: Linda Bittner, K6GRL