Month: April 2016

CAKE April 2

CAKE session on April 2 Gary K6PDL mentioned the recent presentation at the Club meeting was on the Amateur  Radio Emergency Digital Network. This is a wide area mesh network using low cost 2 and 5 GHz equipment.  It is

Club Officials Tour Repeater Site

Tour of  Repeater Site President Cap KE6AFE and Vice President during their recent tour of the K6BJ repeater site. Club President, Cap KE6AFE explains the fine points of repeater operation.Club Vice President, Don AA6W listens intently as Cap explains the

I’m EXTRA Ignorant

I’m EXTRA Ignorant By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU On Sunday, I received the following e-mail from a reader: “Just wanted to let you know I passed the General exam using your study guide.  It was very helpful.  I am now generally

Chatter April 2016

Chatter April 2016 Our March club meeting was both informative and entertaining.  Tom Ginsburg, K6TG, put on a great show for us, discussing the actions of our 911 Center here in Santa Cruz.  As Tom began his lecture, it came