Month: April 2016

Antenna Trials at HP

Antenna trials at HP In 1951 HP had four open positions in their UHF antenna design group to design antennas  “that would receive 82 TV channels more than any rational human could ever possibly need”. I wonder if any of

The fame of Samuel F. B. Morse

The Fame of Samuel F. B. Morse I have just finished reading the novel The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. it is a fascinating mix of science fact, fiction and  mysticism. The painting  by Brumidi (1805-1880), in the dome of

Celebrating a Century of SCCARC

Celebrating a Century of Amateur Radio in Santa Cruz The following status report was presented to the Club Board on March 23.Actions Taken and in progress I am a member of a small group of club members that has been

Jim Tripp’s Antique Radio Museum

Visit to Jim Tripp’s Antique Radio Museum, April 3  2016 Jim WA6DIJ has a dream QTH in the Castroville countryside and he made us feel very welcome. Those taking part in this delightful visit were Linda  K6GRL,  Don AA6W, Rene