Month: October 2016

Chatter Oct 2016

Our Santa Cruz County Amateur centennial celebration and display at the Historical Society was a great success.  A lot of labor of love and planning went into the effort.  The display and succession of lecturers did us well.  I was

Celebrating your club’s Elmers

Celebrating your club’s Elmers might encourage others Sam, W5KF, recently sent me a link to the Elmers’ page on the Norman, OK South Canadian Amateur Radio Society (SCARS) website. Not only is it a listing of the club members who

Soap Box Oratory

Soap Box Oratory In London’s Hyde Park there is a space called  Speakers Corner  where you will often find individuals expression their views on anything at all and doing so with or without an audience. Many speakers will deliver

Next CAKE Meeting Oct. 22

Next CAKE Meeting Oct. 22 We will not be meeting at The Abbey as usual. We have been invited to hold the following session on Oct 22 at the home of Ward AE6TY which we greatly welcome.  We will maintain