Month: November 2016

CAKE Session Nov. 26, 2016

CAKE  session November 26 2016 It was a pleasure to meet  John N6QX (our new Club Treasurer) for the first time and to have Eric  WA6HHQ with us. The other regulars taking part were Glen KG0T, Don K6GHA John N5HPB

Club Meeting Friday Nov. 18 The Election

Club Meeting Friday Nov. 18   The Election At our regular club meeting on Friday evening, we want to accomplish our annual board election and have fun again.  Please consider joining the club board, as any officer or member.  We need

Is Truth stranger than Fiction?

Is Truth stranger than Fiction? I hope this is not a hoax  as It seems incredible that a balloon carrying a QRP beacon could circumnavigate the globe in 22 days and be reporting its position as it travels Ladies and

Buoy Ahoy !! the ZL1SLX WSPR Beacon

Buoy Ahoy !!  the   ZL1SLX  WSPR  Beacon An ocean going marine buoy containing a GPS and QRP-Labs Ultimate3S based transmitter. This project is intended to drift in the Pacific Ocean at the mercy of the tides, currents and wind directions