Month: May 2017

CAKE session May 13 2017

CAKE session  May 13  2017 On an impeccable May day morning it was delightful to be meeting with such exhilarating friends as Ward AE6TY, Don K6GHA,Reed N1WC and John N5HPB. Ward is valiantly exploring a mountain of mathematics underlying filter

Browsing (the old) Short Skips

Browsing Short Skip If you are ever confined to barracks for more than a few days life can become rather dull. My recipe is to look back at past issues of Short Skip, so well archived by our indispensable producer Ron K6EXT.

Radio Crystal History

Radio Crystal History I came into ham radio when Bomar, were cheap, for  Motorola Dispatcher 2 m radios, at about $5 ea, and  the gold standard, guaranteed to work and be dead on freq was International crystal at probably triple

Ham Equipment Available

Ham Equipment Available A local Santa Cruz ham will be moving and ‘clearing out’ a lot of gear from his collection. (see attached PDF for images) From what I have seen it has been kept and stored well, from a