Category: April 2016

CAKE 3/26/16

CAKE Crumbs for March 26th 2016 Our guest speaker on this Easter weekend was David Shoaf  KG6IRW who is a long-time friend and supporter of our CAKE activities. In attendance were Fred KJ6OOV, Peter K6UNO, Peter AB6WM, Frank K6BDK, Glen 

CAKE 4/9/16

CAKE Notes for April 9 2016 We met at our normal “summer home The Abbey” and were very pleased to welcome John N5HPB for the first time. Some of our regular crew were busy at the De Anza flea market

CAKE 3/12/16

CAKE Meeting March 12, 2016 It was a dreary morning and several other events competed for attendance, so my thanks go to Warren NR0V, Kerry K3RRY, Glen KG6T, Art AC6P, Peter K6UNO, Ward  AE6TY, and Fred KJ6OOV Our guest speaker,

Why You Should Get Your Extra Class License

Why You Should Get Your Extra Class License By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU The Amateur Extra Class license is the highest class of license in the United States, and perhaps the world. Many hams—even hams that live outside the U.S.—aspire to