Category: August 2015

Amateur Radio: 100 Years of Discovery

Amateur Radio: 100 Years of Discovery Back in 2000 our own beloved Jim Maxwell, W6CF (now a Silent Key) had an excellent article in QST, “Amateur Radio: 100 Years of Discovery.”   In the article Jim thoughtfully ticked off the decades

CAKE Meeting Notes Aug. 13

CAKE Minutes August 13 Hi all, it was truly enjoyable to be back in the familiarity of a CAKE session. It’s tough to compete with the siren songs of a Flea Market but we had a lively discussion as always

SDR Radio Battles GPS Spoofing

SDR Radio Battles GPS Spoofing The current issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine contains an article describing how GPS can be spoofed with potentially devastating impacts on many critical systems. The article mentioned how such attacks could be detected and,

Next CAKE Meeting August 13

CAKE Meeting August 13 This is to jog your memory that we will be holding our usual CAKE session on Saturday Aug 13 at The Abbey from 10:00 AM. One of the topics will include the hundred year anniversary of