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CAKE Slices Sept. 8

CAKE Slices September 8 Our CAKE sessions are usually centered on technical topics, today was very different. Our discussions were concentrated almost entirely on a variety of operating and public service activities. In attendance were Gary K6PDL, Fred KJ6OOV. Don

CAKE Crumbs April 28

CAKE Notes from April 28 2018 Those taking part were Gary K6PDL, Reed N1WC, Glen KG0T and Tom KW6S with Ron W6WO The session was made special by the Home Brew projects shown by Tom. We have often seen his outstanding work

CAKE Notes for April 14 2018

CAKE  Notes for April 14  2018 Ron arrived 5 minutes late and found the following well known subject-matter experts fully engaged in the sunny patio area of The Abbey. Glen KG0T, Don K6GHA, Gary K6PDL, Peter K6UNO, John N5HPB, Ward

CAKE Notes March 24 2018

CAKE  Notes March 24  2018 We welcomed Mike AJ4NR for the first time  and were pleased to haven Richard K8SQB back with us. New minds and voices add so much to our discussions. Gary K6PDL attends regularly as does Glen KG0T. Gary