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CAKE Aug. 24, 2019

CAKE notes for August 24 2019 What a very pleasant surprise; we had two ladies join us today Roberta AJ6KN (extra class licensee), and Karen (waiting on her extra class license) We appreciate their talent and enthusiasm. Congratulations and welcome

CAKE Crumbs July 27, 2019

CAKE Crumbs     July 27, 2019 Greetings one and all  Having just returned from my annual family visits I am pleased to be back in the saddle (or is it Harness?) Delighted to have some new members with us

CAKE Crumbs April 13, 2019

CAKE Notes for April 13 2019 Glen KG0T, Peter K6UNO and Ron W6WO met in comfort at the Abbey. The close-knit trio provided an opportunity for some intense discussions. Glen is now well known for the breadth and depth of

CAKE Crumbs Meeting of March 23, 2019

CAKE notes for March 23 2019 No two days are exactly alike at our rendezvous of The Abbey and today it was conspicuously empty. All the usual “heads down in their laptops” were missing, end of final’s apparently. Ron W6WO