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CAKE Notes 2/24/2018

CAKE notes 2/24/18 Those present on this crisp cool morning were, John N5HPB,Kerry K3RRY, Glen KG0T, Peter K6UNO, Fred KG6OOV, briefly Gary K6PDL and Ron W6WO. We began with a  review of two topics raised by Ward AE6TY on previous sessions. The first

CAKE Notes Feb 10 2018

CAKE Notes Feb 10 2018 All CAKE meetings celebrate inquiring minds such as those in action today with Tom KW6S, John N5HPB, Kerry K3RRY, Eric KK6IZY, Reed N1WC, Glen KG0T, Fred KJ6OOV, Peter K6UNO and Ward AE6TY. Tom presented a

CAKE Notes Jan. 27, 2018

CAKE  Session Notes Jan 27  2018 Cap opened our session with the news that Dave Rank KO6RS had passd away. Dave was a renowned scientist and mentor to many. Ron knew him well and will pass on some details to

CAKE Jan 13, 2018

CAKE Jan 13, 2018 Along with our stalwarts  Don K6GHA,  Kerry K3RRY, Reed  W1WC and John N5HPB we welcomed Matt Spevak  from Davenport who has expressed interest in Ham Radio.  Matt’s initial question was how can I use Ham Radio