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Cake Dec 23, 2017

CAKE Notes for Dec 23 2017 We were delighted to welcome John AI6LY and to say how pleased we were to see Ward AE6TY back from his African travels, good also to have Tom KW6S taking a break from his

CAKE Notes for Nov 25/2017

CAKE  Notes for Nov 25, 2017 Those attending today were Richard W1WUH, Fred KJ6OOV, Eric  KK6IZY,Warren NR0V, Glen KG0T and Ron W6WO. This is truly a group with such a wide range of knowledge that two hours of concentrated discussion could

CAKE Crumbs Nov. 11, 2017

CAKE  Crumbs notes Nov 11/2017 Those present on this cool bright morning were Fred KJ6OOV,Gary K6NUL,Kerry K3RRY, Peter K6UNO, Glen KG0T, Cap KE6AFE, Reed N1WC, Don K6GHA, Jim K9YC, Richard W1WUH and your scribe Ron W6WO.There was never a dull

It’s good to be back.

Hello to my SCCARC friends, it’s good to be back. I recently had lunch with my son and his boss, both of whom are engineers at a major firm specializing in auto electronic control systems.  Neither have extensive RF backgrounds