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It’s good to be back.

Hello to my SCCARC friends, it’s good to be back. I recently had lunch with my son and his boss, both of whom are engineers at a major firm specializing in auto electronic control systems.  Neither have extensive RF backgrounds

Greeting from Kentucky

Greetings from Kentucky What is of interest in the picture is, of course, the antenna, here it is at the lowest level of my crank-up tower. As far as I know it is a uniquedesign, the collaborative work of Dave

International System of Units

International System of Units The work to define these standards began in France and England during the 18th and 19th centuries and provides a fascinating glimpse of the way our scientific knowledge has evolved and how scientists in Europe collaborated

CAKE Crumbs Aug.12 2017

CAKE Crumbs August 12 Tom  KW6S and Ron W6WO  were the only ones present today but of course weenjoyed some good conversation. Tom brought a power amplifier for 6m which he made from scratch 40 years ago. It looked brand new