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Changing, yet staying the same!

Changing, yet staying the same! Don K6GHA About 15 years ago, I interested my son in measuring the power output from KSCO, and plotting levels from different locations around the county. His panning, circuit building, measurements, and documentation won him

Two New Ham Classes Offered

HAM Class being offered at Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire Station Would you like to talk to people around the world (without the phone bill)? How would you like to assist Fire Department or Red Cross in a disaster? Or would

CAKE Jan 13, 2018

CAKE Jan 13, 2018 Along with our stalwarts  Don K6GHA,  Kerry K3RRY, Reed  W1WC and John N5HPB we welcomed Matt Spevak  from Davenport who has expressed interest in Ham Radio.  Matt’s initial question was how can I use Ham Radio

Cake Dec 23, 2017

CAKE Notes for Dec 23 2017 We were delighted to welcome John AI6LY and to say how pleased we were to see Ward AE6TY back from his African travels, good also to have Tom KW6S taking a break from his