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Club Meeting: Vertical Antennas

SCCARC Meeting: Vertical Antennas   The guest speaker for the January 17 Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club meeting is Ron Skelton.  The topic will be the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Vertical Antennas.   

Holiday Luncheon 2019

Holiday Luncheon 2019

Getting Loopy

Getting Loopy – by John Keating AI6LY / November, 2019 How the hunt for the source of RF interference led to the realization that the resonant frequency of my small transmitting loop antenna moves inversely with ambient temperature. Why I

How to get “plugged in” to the amateur radio community

How to get “plugged in” to the amateur radio community By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU This morning, I found this email in my inbox: Thank you for your website and great content. I passed the Tech and General tests on Saturday,