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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Don K6GHA Welcome to 2018 and the K6BJ Club Meetings. This year the club will be focusing on a variety of topics around your interests. We always look forward to your feedback, input, knowledge, and recommendations on

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays As we move into 2018, it is time to remember the past, look to the future, and be thankful. I would like to thank those who guided the SCCARC’s ship for the past year. Please take the time

A new tradition for Field Day

A new tradition for Field Day? Don K6GHA Summer is a great time to clear out your shack and help others fill theirs! This year at the SLVARC/SCCARC Field Day we had a ‘Free Table’ of books, cables, antennas, wall

Browsing (the old) Short Skips

Browsing Short Skip If you are ever confined to barracks for more than a few days life can become rather dull. My recipe is to look back at past issues of Short Skip, so well archived by our indispensable producer Ron K6EXT.