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Full House of Guest Speakers

Full House of Guest Speakers By Don K6GHA At our club meeting last Friday (April 20th), we had a trio of great presentations from club members, which kept the attention of all present! It was a great evening covering a


 The N2PK VNA an International Ham Radio Success Story Oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and tracking oscillators are scalar instruments which we have used for decades so what's new? A VNA is distinguished by the ability to generate, detect and analyze signals

A new tradition for Field Day

A new tradition for Field Day? Don K6GHA Summer is a great time to clear out your shack and help others fill theirs! This year at the SLVARC/SCCARC Field Day we had a ‘Free Table’ of books, cables, antennas, wall

Browsing (the old) Short Skips

Browsing Short Skip If you are ever confined to barracks for more than a few days life can become rather dull. My recipe is to look back at past issues of Short Skip, so well archived by our indispensable producer Ron K6EXT.