Category: February 2016

SCCARC 100 Years

SCCARC now has 100 years of fun and community service to be proud of. Our Centennial Year began on Feb 3rd and we have much to celebrate. A group of Club members has begun to explore possibilities and at this

For those interested in Gravity Waves…

For those interested in Gravity Waves… Not exactly ham radio, but none the less a big deal. Here is the Abstract of the Gravity Wave PRL paper: 73, Fred KJ6OOV

Other Special Events Stations

Other Special Events Stations Here is something interesting, there are communities out there that are currently celebrating 200 and 500 years, such as DG500BIER (German special event station to celebrate the making of beer for 500 years) DM200PZL (German

Radio Fest 2016 Lite…..

Radio Fest 2016 Lite….. Mark your calender’s for a great day of Amateur Radio Fun. Saturday, March 12th 2016 8am to 2pm Monterey Moose Lodge You ask why “Lite” WHY NOT…… Just an old fashion Indoor / Outdoor Swap Meet