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Amateur Radio (illegally) aiding yacht racers

Amateur radio (illegally) aiding yacht racers By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU The Golden Globe Race (, a 30,000 mile, non-stop solo yacht race to celebrate Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s historic 1968/9 world first solo non-stop circumnavigation. There are 18 sailors in the

CAKE~~Feb 23, 2019

CAKE  Notes for Feb 23 2019 Our regular “small group” participants  Reed N1WC, Gary K6PDL,  John N5HPB, Kerry K3RRY , Peter K6UNO and Glen KG0T joined Ron W6WO. It was a cool morning which prompted us to sit in comfortable

Volunteers Needed — Sea Otter Classic

Volunteers Needed SEA OTTER CLASSIC To Past SOC Volunteers, SBC ARA Members, and neighboring Ham Radio groups The 29th Sea Otter Classic will be held on April 11-14, 2019.  Help from amateur radio operators has been a vital resource for

Blog post on electronic stores in San Jose area

Blog post on electronic stores in San Jose area I just found this article on electronic/surplus stores in the San Jose area. Thought it might be handy to pass the information around. They are: Excess Solutions (moved from Milpitas