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Ionospheric Highways

Ionospheric Highways One lane or two Having spent >60 years as a relatively ignorant HF user of the Ionosphere I recently decided it was time for self-improvement. My re-education began stimulated by reading some old publications of the NorCal QRP

CAKE June 10, 2017

    CAKE cookery  June 10 2017 Arriving at our session a little before the appointed hour (10:00),Ron W6WO noted some cars with callsign  number plates but no friendly faces.This evidentally meant the DeAnza flea market was open for business.

Non-reciprocal paths via the ionosphere at HF

Non-reciprocal paths via the ionosphere at HF  During a discussion on Pedersen rays at a recent CAKE meeting it was claimed these were “asymmetrical” paths and an explanation was needed.     We all know that much of our hobby

A Little Night Light Music

A Little Night Light Music Don – K6GHA I had it in my hand, the Trustee certification for a club station for NG6O arrived by mail at the last day, and minute, from the FCC. It was just in the