Category: March 2016

Tales of Path Profiles

Tales of Path Profiles The telling of these personal tales was prompted by my recent discovery of this stunning photograph of a familiar mountainous terrain. But first a few words about the significance of path profiles in connection when planning

Two Events need Help…

Two Events need Help… Big Sur International Marathon Hello all, this is Jeff – KG6UYZ i will be organizing the amateur side of the marathon again this year: The 31st presentation of the Big Sur International Marathon is quickly approaching,

The New XCZ EOC was Initiated

The New XCZ EOC was Initiated After 11pm Saturday evening, I received a telephone call requesting I staff our new County EOC due to some storm issues.  Oh boy..  At the XCZ EOC before 11:30pm, I found a “Level 2”

CAKE 2/6

Cake Feb 6 This session as many of you know was for Warren NR0V to bring us right up to date on his work to improve the means which our radios use to combat noise and interference.  By learning from