Category: March 2019

Can Indoor Antennas Work? Yes!

Can Indoor Antennas Work? Yes! By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU Recently, a reader asked: I am studying your “No Nonsense” book as I prep for the Technician test. I am also learning CW. I am going to buy a Yaesu FT

CAKE Crumbs Meeting of March 23, 2019

CAKE notes for March 23 2019 No two days are exactly alike at our rendezvous of The Abbey and today it was conspicuously empty. All the usual “heads down in their laptops” were missing, end of final’s apparently. Ron W6WO

CAKE Notes for March 9, 2019

CAKE Notes for March 9 2019 The heavy rain did not deter Peter K6UNO or Glen KG0T from joining Ron W6WO at The Abbey. We discussed the way methods for designing and fabricating Printed Circuit Boards have evolved from crude