Category: May 2017

Field Day is here…

It’s time for Field Day The SCCARC and the San Lorenzo Valley Radio Club are joining forces for Field Day 2017.  Field Day will be held Saturday June 24 and Sunday June 25 at the CAL FIRE training station at

Geo Magnetic Storms

Geo Magnetic Storms Among the events most disruptive to HF communications are geomagnetic storms.which are caused by major bursts of radiation and particles from the sun. When these bursts arrive at the earth they disturb our magnetic field which results

Growing the Ranks vs. Growing the Enjoyment

Growing the Ranks vs. Growing the Enjoyment By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU Because I teach amateur radio classes and publish a series of popular amateur radio license study guides (, I often get kudos for “growing the ranks.” In fact, Gordon

Browsing (the old) Short Skips

Browsing Short Skip If you are ever confined to barracks for more than a few days life can become rather dull. My recipe is to look back at past issues of Short Skip, so well archived by our indispensable producer Ron K6EXT.