Category: May 2019

Learning about Batteries

Learning about Batteries By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU I often say that getting an amateur radio license is as much getting a license to learn as it is getting a license to operate on the amateur radio bands. Lately, I’ve been

Swap Meet and BBQ

Greetings, All, The Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club Swap Meet will occur on Saturday, June 1, 10am-noon, at the Club Station in DeLaveaga Park.  There is no fee but you must supply your own table, tarp for displays, and

Getting loaded (antenna-wise, anyway)

Getting loaded (antenna-wise, anyway) By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU A couple of years ago, I homebrewed a “Cobra” antenna ( It’s a doublet antenna, meaning that it consists of two elements connected to a center insulator, where it connects to a

June Meeting Date Change June 14 and Speaker Announced

At the last board meeting it was decided that it would  be best to move the June meeting date up a week to accommodate Field Day activities.  Our guest speaker for that month, Ray Rischpater (KF6GPE), is agreeable to moving the