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CAKE Oct 17, 2015

CAKE Oct 17 We were pleased to welcome Craig N6SBN for the first time and nine of our regular members attended. This was a good turnout given the conflict with Pacificon, it’s very tough to find open dates these days. Beginning

Chatter: Nov 2015

Last month our club was neck-deep in revising our by-laws. The by-laws, last revised a couple of decades ago, needed upgrading. A team did this after much research and thought. I recall, circa 1989, when we first put them together.

What is WSPR ?

What is WSPR ? WSPR stands for Weak Signal Propagation Reporter. It is a software program designed to probe potential radio propagation paths, in contrast to most other digital modes which enable messaging between stations. WSPR is one of several

Ham Magic in the Air

Ham Magic in the Air By Suellene Petersen, K6CPA A magical thing happened to Steve Petersen, AC6P, that can only be appreciated by someone who is a licensed Amateur Radio operator. It is even more exciting for the guys and