Club Meeting July 15 – Field Day Wrap Up

A wrap up  of field day at the Bonny Doon Airport will be given by John AC6SL.

SCCARC – SLVARC Field Day 2022

A joint Field Day of the Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club and the San Lorenzo Valley Amateur Radio Club held June 25-26, 2022 at the Bonny Doon Airport in the Santa Cruz mountain’s.

It’s Field Day Again – A review of SCCARC FD 1966

From the lost archives… I thought this could be of interest for our upcoming FD. [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”SS Jul 1966 abt field day”]

Swap Meet and Club Station Cleanout 5/22/22

Vacating the station building after years of collecting stuff with the help of Craig (N6SBN), Cap (KE6AFE) and Mike (K6MLB).

Scenes from the Swap Meet

Short Skip Vol 1 #9 (Sept 1965?)

Some of the club papers found during the clean out of the club station. [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”SSv1#9pg1″] [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”SS v1#9pg2″]

K6L Lighthouse Special Event Station  Aug.22, 2021

Ron Skelton W6WO, SK

I was saddened by the passing of Ron Skelton W6WO.

Employed by Elecraft, Ron was also quite the builder, and shared his passion and experiences, in projects and troubleshooting skills with all.

I spent a number of afternoons at his house in Capitola talking radio, but always stopping in the middle for tea with he and his wife.
Ron was quite a gentleman of radio, and I’ll always be in his debt for his knowledge, guidance, and most of all friendship. Rest peacefully my friend.
73, Don K6GHA

Return of Cake

We’ll be restarting CAKE (Coffee/Caffeine Assisted Knowledge Exchange) at the Abbey Coffee Lounge (in the outside seating)
10 AM Saturday April 23rd
350 Mission St, Santa Cruz
Bring your projects, ideas, science, eletronics, curiousity and questions!
Be there or be rectangular thing!

New Home for Remote HF

George Badger, Jim Brown, Cap and I reviewed the antenna on the remote HF station.  The End Fed will remain.  But, Jim may build a second antenna which would be put on the Kenwood’s “ant 2” port.    Why not.  The two different antennas would give different performance under the different conditions.
I worked with 3 different computers in the repeater building and all of them had trouble resolving the switch (IP?) address.   The connection came and went.   I wouldn’t be surprised if the configuration is screwed up.   We need a different switch or a network guy to have a look at this .The Fusion repeater computer is not repairable.   The 440 radio will remain on analog.   Jason Kruse is looking at different options. Cap and I moved the remote ham station to the repeater building.     I have band-aids on the network connection.  We will have to see if they stick.  If you can use the remote ham station, please try it and report on it’s performance.  The antenna should have low SWR on 10, 12, 15, 20, 40, and the lower end of 80. Craig  Capitola Village  N6SBN

New Member Here – Saying Hello!

Hey Everyone!
I sent in my membership form and dues a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been enjoying the messages coming across the mailing list, so I thought I’d take a moment to say hello and introduce myself.
My name is Doug, callsign is KF6DUG, and I live up here in Bonny Doon.  I got my Technician’s license in August of last year, and I am currently studying for my General exam when I’m not distracted by all the cool stuff I can already do with my Technician’s.
Right now I’ve got a couple of radios (a Yaesu FT-991a and an Icom-2730a), and I seem to be collecting antennas on top of our roof.  In addition to HAM radio, I’m also a neighborhood coordinator as part of our emergency communications efforts up here that use MURS radios, if you’re familiar with that effort.  It was actually the MURS stuff that got me into HAM to take some of the burden off the other HAM operators supporting multiple neighborhoods.
My main interests currently, in addition to routinely checking into the ARES nets are digital modes.  I’ve got FM packet and Vara FM working for Winlink email and am having a lot of fun with FT8 on 10 meter.
I have kids, and unfortunately my schedule currently doesn’t work out too well with the Monday night nets (Scouts or CERT) or Friday meetings (almost always something going), but I’m looking forward to meeting folks and contributing how I can to the club.
March Meeting Delta Antennas and more with N6SBN
Greetings, Radio Operators!
Please join us this Friday, March 18 at 7:30pm for our virtual Club meeting.
Our guest speaker is Club President Craig Harlamoff (N6SBN).
He will give a  presentation on Delta loop antennas.  A Delta loop is reported to give 6 DB gain, which is better than a Dipole. Craig has a real gift for explaining complex issues that is fun and well-suited to Hams of all expertise levels.
Don’t miss it!
Here is the link to the Zoom access.  Many thanks to Carl Hensler (AG6EO) for his continued generous donation of Zoom subscription to enable our Club to meet virtually.

Jim’s Antique Radio Museum is nearby in Castroville.

“My on-line museum is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week year around. However, if you would like to stop by for a personal visit, then just contact me via (wa6dij at arrl dot net) and I would be happy to arrange a time for your visit.”

The New 2022 SCCARC Board of Directors

Congratulatons to the new Radio Club officers, elected at tonight’s meeting.  We had 23 Club members voting, which exceeded the required 15% quorum of the Club’s membership of 117.
Here are your new Club Board members:
President:                     Craig Harlamoff (N6SBN)
Vice-President:           Shawn Rudnick (N7OTA)
Secretary:                     David Dean (N6DTA)
Treasurer:                    Cap Pennell (KE6AFE)
Members-at-Large:   Vince Grimaldi (KM6YHE)
                                       Gary Watson (K6PDL)
President Ex-Officio:  Becky Steinbruner (KI6TKB)
Many thanks to the three outgoing officers for their service to the Club:
Vice-President      Richard Adams (K8SQB)
Treasurer              Allen Fugelseth (WB6RWU)
Pres. Ex-Officio     Don Taylor (K6GHA)
 Many thanks to David N6DTA for organizing the online survey that allowed our group to vote for the topic from the many possible options John made available.

Field Day 2021 Video

Greetings, All,
My friend, Dorothee, just finished editing the Field Day 2021 video, and I think you will really enjoy watching it!  It’s about 26 minutes.
73,  Becky KI6TKB

SCCARC Field Day 2021 Photos

John Reinartz K6BJ QSL Card.

2019 Holiday Luncheon