Browsing (the old) Short Skips

Browsing Short Skip

If you are ever confined to barracks for more than a few days life can become rather dull. My recipe is to look back at past issues of Short Skip, so well archived by our indispensable producer Ron K6EXT. What you
will find amply shows the vitality and diversity of our Club and I found it exhilarating. Here’s an idea -spend some time browsing, select one item that you really enjoyed then let Ron know the title and issue. Ron may have room for it to be re-issued. I was curious to determine when the first CAKE notes showed up and found this in the March 2002 issue. We have been meeting bi-weekly from then .
73 Ron W6WO

For the new members of our club,  Short Skip was the printed newsletter for the SCCARC. On our website K6BJ.ORG under “archive”  you will find PDF copies of the printed Short Skip newsletter from 1999 to 2015.

73 K6EXT