Roots of Amateur Radio in Santa Cruz County California

Who were these pioneers who met to form an association of wireless enthusiasts back in February of 1916? Santa Cruz County was certainly not known as a center for technology. Then, as now, tourism and agriculture dominated the economy. Here is what the City Directories of the day tell us.

The Bobby family lived at 16 Clay Street, Santa Cruz.

The Faneufs lived at 167 Water Street. The family operated a hardware store at 220 Pacific Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz.

T. W. Thomson was an agent for Overland automobiles at 269 Pacific Avenue.

C. E. Canfield was a real estate and financial broker at 147 Pacific Avenue. Charles and Lulu Canfield had two Santa Cruz homes listed. The family business continues in operation today.

Rudolph A. Reiner was a clerk at the National Bottling Works, 297 Water Street.

Elroy Anderson was a student, living at 80 Barson Street, Santa Cruz.

Henry Willey Company, Inc., was a machine shop located at 53 Pacific Avenue.

William Short lived at 8 Harrison Street in Santa Cruz. Leslie Short is not listed.

Elmer and Ralph Hazelton lived at 53 Pryce Street, Santa Cruz.

Sarah Whittle, widow of Thomas A., lived at 49 Third Street, Santa Cruz. Louis A. and Anna D. Whittle also lived at 49 Third Street. William Whittle is not listed separately.

John and Marie Britschgi lived at 16 Vernon Street, Santa Cruz. Warner Britschgi is not listed separately. In the early 1930s, the local radio club met above the Britschgi store on River Street, opposite the St. George Hotel.

Ernest H. Thomson, a painter, lived at 44 Clay Street, Santa Cruz.

Then, as now, people from all walks of life pursued the amateur radio hobby.


Other Early Day Radio Amateurs in Santa Cruz County

The date indicates the earliest evidence of activity.

Adrian Anderson SUX Santa Cruz 1909

Robert A. Howe W6CHN Santa Cruz 1928

Elroy E. Anderson * 6SW Santa Cruz 1913

Leslie Hubbard Santa Cruz

Bales Edgell W6DRU Santa Cruz

W. Johnson 6CME Santa Cruz 1925

George L. Bellinghausen W6AXP Santa Cruz 1928

William Johnston W6CME Santa Cruz 1928

Dudley Bennett * Santa Cruz 1916

Frank Kazmarek W6EMZ Santa Cruz

Vernon Berlin ** W6JCZ Santa Cruz 1933

Joe Lowry, Jr. W6DUO Santa Cruz 1928

Charlie Bobby * Santa Cruz 1916

Harold Manning * Santa Cruz 1916

Warner Britschgi * Santa Cruz 1916

Sewell March 6ABM Santa Cruz 1921

C. Bruhns 6BTJ Santa Cruz 1925

Evan M. Marlin 6EM Capitola 1913

Russell Bunch 6BAK Santa Cruz 1925

Deloss Martin SDF Santa Cruz 1909

John Byrne 6AAU (later WB6DUF) Santa Cruz 1921

Clifford K. McCormick 6OW (W6OW) Santa Cruz 1921

Carleton Canfield * Santa Cruz 1916

De Forest Mocker 6AV Capitola 1913

Elvin K. Carroll 6NY Capitola 1913

John R. Nakken 6CEI (W6CEI) Santa Cruz 1925

Frank L. Chase 6QY (W6EEP) Santa Cruz 1921

Rudolf Reiner * 6SG Santa Cruz 1913

C. M.Church 6CCE Santa Cruz 1925

David Reynolds W6TQP Santa Cruz 1941

Fred Clapp W6DSZ Santa Cruz

F. W. Robison 6AUI Santa Cruz 1925

H. H. Coats 6CFI Santa Cruz 1925

Irving W. Sawyer 6IS Capitola 1913

Clifford Cox * Santa Cruz 1916

Harold D. Schmidt 6PJ (W6CUS) Santa Cruz 1921

Raymond V. Cress W6BHV Santa Cruz 1928

Charles E. Scott W6IFA Santa Cruz

Lawrence A. Cullam 6CRP (W6CRP) Santa Cruz 1925

Leslie Short * Santa Cruz 1916

Sydney F. Curtis W6AGW/W6BNC Watsonville 1928

J. Wilbur Sinkinson 6BUN (W6BUN) Santa Cruz 1925

Frank E. Daubenbiss TX Capitola 1909

William A.Slocomb W6CCJ Capitola 1928

Alfred S. DeWald 6DW (W6CGR) Felton 1913

Robert G. Stewart 6BTP (W6BTP) Santa Cruz 1925

Charles Faneuf * Santa Cruz 1916

Theodore E. Stowe 6CJ Capitola 1913

Forest E.Faneuf 6FL Santa Cruz 1919

G. W. Taylor 6COE Santa Cruz 1925

Wilber Frapwell * Scotts Valley 1916

E. H. Thomson * Santa Cruz 1916

Vernon Gebhart W6AOD/W6ASO Santa Cruz 1928

Edmund Thomson * Santa Cruz 1916

Leonard Gordon W6GFU Santa Cruz 1932

George Van Wagner 6GV Santa Cruz 1913

F. Grant 6BAY Watsonville 1922

Edward A. Wallace 6IG Santa Cruz 1913

Earl H. Harris 6DP (W6DP) Santa Cruz 1921

William Whittle * Santa Cruz 1916

A. H. Hart 6WD Santa Cruz 1921

Melvin D. Wilder W6CEH Santa Cruz 1928

Arthur A. Hartman W6DXI Aromas 1928

Oscar. F. Willey * 6PR Santa Cruz 1921

Ralph L. Hazelton * 6IH Santa Cruz 1913


NOTE - * Charter member SCCARC (1916)

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